Neopets App Discussion

Have any cool ideas about the new app? Anything in particular you’d like to see? Anything you think the app JUST HAS to include? Post your ideas here for discussion!

Circulating Speculations

  • The Battledome simulation has received some new animations over time and it isn’t just text with pictures like it used to be. Since we can expect to be able to play flash games on the new app, maybe the Battledome will also be included! Perhaps it will function similarly to the Battledome we have now, but this might be something the app would undoubtedly include. Even better, what if they offered the old battldome just for the mobile users, for nostalgic purposes!
  • Not many people use or decorate their Neohomes, though there are some who really enjoy that aspect of Neopets. Maybe we can expect a more user-friendly form of the Neohome that is easily accessible and more integrated into the application, inspiring more users to play around with it. If this feature is added, there might even be more possibilities to get furniture from random events and the like!
  • It would probably be a huge mistake to¬†not include a customization aspect of the app, because it could be extremely accessible for all players. The shop would be available to make NC purchases in, and from there you could customize your pets. With iOS devices, you’re required to connect your iTunes account and with that, a credit card of sorts, so perhaps items in the Mall could even be purchased directly on your mobile with the money you have connected to your iTunes account. There may be a similar possibility with the Android form of the app.
Lutari Island
  • Everyone is wondering about Lutari Island, especially those who missed the old mobile app from 2006. The app does not seem to be centered around a particular theme like the 2006 app, so whether or not Lutari Island will be included is very mysterious!
Key Quest
  • Key Quest has been a pretty popular game for everyone on Neopets, and if it can translate well to mobile, we might see it in the app! Plenty of games on the smart phone are board games and strategy games, so there might be a condensed form of Key Quest we can play.
New Game
  • Now that we’re losing Habitarium around the time the app is in development, perhaps Neopets is thinking about including a mobile exclusive game that can replace Habitarium. Don’t immediately assume a possible new and exclusive game will be a huge cash cow like Habitarium, but we can dream right?

Is this page missing something? Post a comment and you might see your ideas up here!

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2 comments on “Neopets App Discussion
  1. Matsumoto Mika says:


    Could I ask what is there a new app for neopets for IOS iphone?
    If so, in which country that I can download? I am in Japan, Tokyo.

    Thank you so much.

    Matsumoto Mika

  2. Neopoints says:

    Hey Mika,

    I believe it is only available in the US App Store.

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